Cezanne, o pai do cubismo

O grupo neoiorquino 5 Chinese Brothers, no seu album Singer, Songwriter, Beggerman, Thief (1992), presenta unha canción a Paul Cezanne, titulada co seu nome, na que eloxian a figura do artista, o denominan pai do cubismo, estilo ó que declaran o seu amor.
Fan unha música entre folk-country e rock.
Nin son chineses nin irmáns, o nome do grupo tomárono dun libro infantil, moi popular nos Estados Unidos.
Vai a letra en inglés, pero entendese bastante ben, e un video realizado cunha pequena montaxe.
Vedes que fan referencia a outros artistas: Picasso, Chirico, Modigliani, ¿recordamos quen son?. E, ¿de verdade Cezanne é o pai do cubismo?. Pensa un pouco e recorda o que estudiamos.

Well, I love cubism, it's my favorite style
When i see a cubist painting i've just got to smile
But there's one painter, i'm his biggest fan
He's the father of cubism and his name's cezanne, cezanne
Cezanne, cezanne, the father of cubism
Some people say that it was picasso
Other people claim it was dechirico
Some people think it was modiglian(i)
But they're all crazy, it was paul cezanne, cezanne
Cezanne, cezanne, the father of cubism
When paul cezanne sat down to paint a flower or a face
He had to solve one problem, three-dimensional space
He said, form is content. he smoked a gitanne.
He was right. now he's paul cezanne, cezanne
Cezanne, cezanne, le pé‘¢e de cubisme
Well cezanne's father wanted him to be an avocat
But paul just looked at him and said, pfff, mais non, pa.
I want to be a painter, i know i can!
Now his oeuvre's in the louvre, he's paul cezanne, cezanne
Cezanne, cezanne, the father of cubism
Well i had an aunt and she was in a coma
So we loaded up her bed and we took her up to moma
We got through the door, you wouldn't beleive what began
She sat up and started screaming, hey, where is that paul cezanne?
Cezanne, cezanne, the miraculous father of cubism
Paul cezanne is famous now and i think that's really nice
'cause his melons look like footballs and his apples look like dice
So all you would-be painters, get out your brush and can
You may be the next paul cezanne, cezanne
Cezanne, cezanne, the father of cubism
Cezanne, cezanne, the original father of cubism

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