Modern Art

O grupo punk-rock londinense Art Brut ven de publicar no 2005 o disco Bang Bang Rock &Roll, no que se inclúe Modern Art con referencias a museos como a Tate Gallery e o Centro Pompidou e á artista como Hockney e Matisse.
Ya vedes que tamén a carátula ten certas reminiscencias de Warhol.

Modern art
Makes me
Want to rock out, ...
So I'm in the Tate
And I'm looking at Hockney
And oh sweet Jesus
There's something about that blue
It touches me deep inside
Amazes me when I step outside
I'm sweating
I'm sweating
I'm beginning to palpitate
I can't help myself
I just can't help myself
Modern art
Makes me
Want to rock out
So I'm in the Pompidou In Paris
And they're more laid back about their art galleries
There's little children running around
I see a piece on Matisse
Take three steps back
Take a long run up
And I jump at it!
Modern art
Makes me
Want to rock out

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